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Welcome to my website. This site is dedicated to my great family, To the fantastic leaders that came before me, to my colleagues that are continuing the tradition of excellence in the Shelby County Court, and to all that have been afflicted with some form of disability.
In 2014 at the age of 53, I retired from the Shelby County Government after a 34 year career. In 1980, I began in an entry level position and advanced to the highest level, that of an elected official representing all of Shelby County. Shelby County includes Memphis and the surrounding area, estimated at 1 million people. The Criminal Court Clerk, operates the largest criminal court in Tennessee.
In 2013, I developed a serious illness which left me legally blind. My mother had polio when she was a child and she was wheel-chair bound for much of her life. Additionally, we have many of our soldiers that come back with wounds that they will live with forever. Most of us know, or have someone in our family with a disability.
In 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law The Americans with Disabilities Act. New technology has advanced since. Many of us have access to them and have overcome our disability. however many do not. Personal perseverance, commercial adaptation, technology, general awareness and updating the ADA is the answer for a more productive society by bringing these citizens into the fold. Please visit my We Conquer page to find out how many of us have overcome our disability.

I want to thank all the citizens of Shelby County for allowing me to serve as your Criminal Court Clerk. I am excited to find what God has planned for the future.



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