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In 2014, Kevin retired from Shelby County Government after a 34 year career in the Courts. In 2013, Kevin was stricken with a serious illness which left him legally blind. KEVIN’S STORY details that events which has changed the direction in his life.   He has overcome the blindness using the latest low vision technology and using his past Information Services knowledge. More information can be found on the DISABLILITY TOOLS page for a list of the devices that he uses.  He volunteers with the disabled, and the elderly. He speaks out about Alzheimer’s disease and the improvements in the American’s with Disability Act (ADA). Please visit the WE CONQUER page for information about these issues. He continues in classes, learning the software and the tools which aid the visually impaired.


In 2010, Kevin was elected by the citizens of Shelby County, Tennessee as The Criminal Court Clerk. He was responsible for keeping the records of all Court related interactions, hiring proficient staff, and collecting all fines, fees, and court costs. The Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office is the largest Criminal Court in Tennessee, handling 25,000 indictments annually, maintaining 10 Courtrooms, and 90 employees.  The office processes all warrants, bonds, and stores all property & evidence. The property & evidence has to be held until there is no longer a chance for an appeal. This usually means until the person is released from prison or until there death. The most infamous case involved James Earl Ray in the murder of martin Luther King Jr. The office held the evidence until Mr. Ray’s death and then donated it to the National Civil Rights Museum located in Memphis.
At the age of 53, Kevin retired from Shelby County Government in 2014 after a 34 year distinguished career. While the Clerk, e accomplished many goals.  He:

  • Reduced expenses by over $275,000.
  • Improved the facilities by replacing 20 year old carpet and chairs for the 90 employees without requesting additional funds in the annual budget.
  • Installed a modern security system without requesting any additional funds.
  • Install attorney kiosks in all 10 courtrooms without requesting additional funds.
  • Partnered with Shelby County Information Technology Department, attorney General’s Office, and the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts in obtaining a grant, and installed a new projector system in all 10 courtrooms.  Again, no additional tax payer dollars were needed.
  • Replaced a 20+ year old organizational chart and restructured the office due to  a reduced staff and the new technology age.
  • Annually distributed significant money to several County offices and municipal law enforcement agencies from collected funds
    reported by The Commercial Appeal as “solid” regarding the annual audit.   
  • Partnered with several other County offices in obtaining the largest single computer system. The new system will reduce expenses and more efficiently transfer information between offices. With Kevin’s technology expertise, he was a leader in this endeavor. He was the chairman of several committees and started the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) which is a combination of the different technology specialists from the other County offices.
  • Initiated the 1st Private Attorney Network (PAN). This allowed private attornies the same access to Court documents as the prosecution, which went toward equal access for all.


Between 1996 and 2010, Kevin was an Administrator for The Shelby County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. The office handles all law suits over $25,000, divorces, and other civil matters. Kevin oversaw all 9 courtroom staff and activities, minute room, and all technology.  Some of his accomplishments include:

  • In 1998 Kevin led the Court along with Chancery Court in obtaining an “off the shelf” court management system. This was the first court to contract with a private entity for such services. He lead the installation, including several upgrades, over the next 12 years.
  • The responsibility of all computer and related equipment for 60 staff and 9 courtrooms.
  • Writing Oracle/sql database scripts
  • Proficiency in Crystal Reports and the report distribution system
  • Managing the imaging system for document storage.
  • The development of an automated motion setting system which allowed attorneys to set calendar items remotely without having to come to the courthouse.
  • He represented the Clerk at several meetings in the, County Commission sessions, and other County Office meetings.
  • He led seminars throughout the country regarding court management, reporting systems, and imaging systems.
  • He was instrumental in the procurement of the State of Tennessee’s first e-filing system.
  • From 2002 and 2005, he started a Consulting business (Key Consulting Services). He consulted with other Courts throughout the nation. His expertise included court management, record storage, and report writing. This was a part time venture.


Between 2002 and 2010, he was an Administrator with the Metro Officials Association (MOA). It provides for youth basketball, baseball, and softball games.  The MOA schedules referees and umpires to local schools, churches, and youth organizations, for the youth ranging from the 2nd grade through High School.  The MOA handles approximately 3,000 games annually and has approximately 130 referees and umpires. This was a part time venture for Kevin. He was responsible for:

  • Managing the umpire and referees
  • Scheduling all games and officials
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Resolving disputes.  
  • Bringing   the scheduling system into the modern age by partnering with an “off the shelf” software program. This allowed all schools, referees, and games to be on-line for scheduling and viewing. The company he partnered with was The Arbiter.The Arbiter was acquired by the NCAA and is now it primary software for scheduling games and referees.


The Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court handles all juvenile delinquent, unruly, an dfoster  care  matters for children under the age of 18 years. Kevin began his career in Boy’s Detention at the age of 19 years, He was with the Court from 1980 to 1996. During this time, he earned his degree in Psychology from The University of Memphis, and advanced to become the Director of the Hanover House Home Confinement program.  The Hanover House Program began in 1982 and is still in use today. Kit started with approximately 15 children the first year, and under Kevin’s direction grew to over 300 children daily. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Authoring and directing the home confinement and foster programs.
  • Authoring and directing the first drug treatment program (DOCS) for the Court.
  • Liaison for the Judge with other community organizations including all schools, local training schools, and a juvenile boot camp. He also served on Mayor
  • Dick Hackett’s Crime Reduction Committee.
  • Partnering with The Shelby County Information Technology Department and authored the automation of the Home confinement Program, using Oracle and Microsoft Access databases. This lead to Kevin receiving National Association of Counties (NACO) 1992 Achievement Award.
  • Teaching seminars at the state’s   annual Juvenile Association convention.


In the early 1990’s, Kevin worked with Christian Brothers College teaching adult prisoners at the Mark Luttrell Reception Center located in the Penal Farm area. He taught a pre-release class to prisoners that were soon to be released back into the community. This was a part time venture.


Kevin has servd on several International, State, and Local Committees, including:
Shelby County I.T. Steering Committee
Shelby County I.T. Consolidation Transition Sub-committee, Chairman
Shelby County I.T. Integrated Criminal Justice Sub-committee
Shelby County Unified Personnel Policy Committee
Shelby County Court Security Committee
Shelby County Republican Party
Tennessee State Court Clerk's Association
Tennessee Administratitive Office (AOC) of the Courts W. Tn. E-Filing Committee
County Officials Association of Tennessee (COATS)
International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (IACREOT), Tn. Delegate Chairman