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Letter from the Criminal Court Clerk's 2010 Annual Report

In my past 30 years with the Shelby County Courts, we have witnessed many changes regarding personnel, policy & procedures, statistical demographics and the volume of cases. With these changes, the Court Clerk's fundamental responsibilities have remained consistent. We are charged with maintaining the records, collecting court fines and fees, hiring, and overseeing qualified and dependable staff.

Our world has seen dramatic improvements with the advent of new technology and the internet. We have witnessed huge leaps in communication and the storage and retrieval of records. As a general note, the local courts have not been on the electronic "cutting edge," however great initiatives are currently in place in moving us into this new age.

The Criminal Court Clerk's office and the other Shelby County Justice entities are working hard toward implementing new systems. This partnership will improve communications with other local and state agencies. Some of the benefits of Court E-filing will result in permanent electronic records storage, less government overhead, and improved justice for all.

These are exciting times for our Courts. It is amazing how far we have come since my young days in 1980 at The Juvenile Court. I really look forward in positioning our Courts in transitioning into the 20th Century and beyond.

With warm regards,


Letter from the Criminal Court Clerk's 2011 Annual Report

In 2011, we began implementing plans that moved The Criminal Court Clerk's Office into the modern age. Our financial goals were met. We addressed some much needed physical upgrades to the facilities, improved technology in the courtrooms, and continued building partnerships with other government agencies.

We proudly report that the annual financial budget of $4.8 million was efficiently managed. This office reported income that exceeded estimates, expenses were less than projected, and the office collected $8.7 million in fines and court costs. This led to significant contributions to several Shelby County Agencies as well as the County's municipal law enforcement agencies. Office expenses were reduced by over $275,000 and favorable internal and external annual audits were reported in The Commercial Appeal as " Solid".

Around 1992, this office experienced its last physical renovation. Much of the furnishings have held up well over the past twenty years. However, we began refurbishing such things as chairs, flooring, walls, and upgraded an outdated security system by adding modern monitoring tools.

Another improvement involved the courtrooms electronic equipment. We forged partnerships with The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, the Shelby County District Attorney General, our ten (10) Judges, and Shelby County Administration. As a result of the partnerships, new video projectors, document imaging devices, builtā€in electronic workstations, and a Private Attorney Network (PAN) were installed in all the courtrooms. These improvements allow all court litigants the same access to records, and gives all the same electronic capabilities. This assures equal access to justice, thus assuring equal representation for our citizens.

The improvements mentioned above were done without any additional funding from Shelby County taxpayers. We are looking forward to an even better upcoming year. Building on our partnerships leads to more efficiency and cost savings. We will continue an incremental reorganization and improve our performance through technological enhancements, as we do "more with less" during these lean times.

Warmest regards,